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Like every superhero of mythic proportions, Ms. Jones has led an adventurous life. Once sprung from the wild-deserts of Zeus' cracked earth in Eastern Oregon, she volley'd college athletics with a Bachelors degree in History, a Masters degree in Business and a Ph.D. in learning life lessons the hard way. Over-educated enough to be good at Jeopardy and yet naive enough to think she could make more money than have meltdowns, she wandered into the foray of finance. The jungles of Portland, Oregon welcomed her with open arms and served up a spoonful of business savvy and stress on a silver platter.

When the insurance/investment industry imploded, she used it as a good reflective point and relished the opportunity to escape into the world. Taking a time-out from life, she trekked over 20,000 miles to find out if the sidewalk really did end, and if the earth really was flat.

A self-proclaimed coffee aficionado and champagne sipper, she started writing and has already self-published many works. Including several "How to... " books that keep her mind focused (and a few erotic short stories to keep herself entertained) during her travels. Her money management and stress-slaying advice is based upon her previous successful (and sometimes, not so successful) work experience.

In her spare time, this author and adventure provocateur channels all of her excess jittery energy and butterfly-length attention span into ideas of how to leave footprints on all the sandy beaches of the world.

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